Become a Partner

As a partner, you can create a competitive advantage by offering tailored and integrated solutions to customers.

Why partner with CRM TouchPoint?

Become a part of a community of experts who share the same commitment in delivering fresh approaches and new pathways to enhancing business performance and customer lifetime value.

Achieve Financial Goals:

Acquire new customers and go deeper with current customer base by cross-selling.

Total Solutions: 

Expand your customer reach by being their trusted advisor through offering best in class solutions.

Longer Lifecycle:

Gain customers for life by fulfilling their requirements and improving customer satisfaction.

Help and Support:

 Receive our expertise and support so you can focus on what you do best for customers.

Partner opportunities

Open the door to exclusive opportunity

Our consultants help to optimize performance with quality implementations and other related services. From new implementations to ongoing platform work, CRM TouchPoint can facilitate any complex integration.

Learn More About Partnership Opportunities

CRM Implementation:

Special package rates for partners to offer the best value for customers.

CRM Integration & Add-ons:

We fill in the gaps so you can extend new pathways to increase customer lifetime value.

Industry Based Solutions:

Enlist our expertise so you can focus on your strategic objectives.

When you sell smarter, the possibilities are endless

Increase new and renewal revenue

Improve customer satisfaction and loyalty

We enable partners so you can empower your customers