We help you do more with what you have.

Align your teams to work smarter and unlock success.


CRM TouchPoint is your ‘beyond sales and marketing’ customer relationship management partner.


To understand clients’ current and desired state so that we can provide a tailored solution.


To empower clients to realize their potential through the integrated application of a tailored CRM solution.

What we offer

Streamline Sales

Sell smarter

Reach your customers with precision by equipping your sales team with accurate reporting, targeted campaigns, customizable sales tools, and improved performance tracking.

Beyond Sales & Marketing

Collaborate effectively across teams

Optimize your processes by eliminating silos and reduce duplication of work. With a single solution that extends standard applications within CRM and meet your unique requirements.


End-to-end visibility

Connect every department across your organization and sync channels of data by using integrated add-ons.

Automate Marketing

Expand your customer reach

Create targeted marketing templates that can seamlessly connect across marketing channels for high-quality campaigns.

Enhance Customer Service

Understand Customers Better

Management tools that enables your team to respond to changing customer requirements and deliver exceptional experience.

How we Help?

Single Solution

An easy to use configured solution that addresses a broad set of unique needs.

Accelerate Performance

Collaborate and engage more effectively across teams to work smarter.

Optimized Worflow

Connect applications and departments to increase operational efficiency and maximize resources.

Outperform Competition

Deliver exceptional customer experience to improve customer loyalty and drive revenue growth.


Connect the front of house with the back of house for real-time reports and powerful dashboards.

Agility & Resilience

Equip your team with accurate information and effective tools to predict demand patterns for nimble response to changing markets.